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Located in Dunmore, Penn State Worthington Scranton is centrally located and easily accessible from Scranton, Throop and other surrounding towns. Out-of-town students should have no difficulty finding off-campus housing due to the large number of regional colleges and universities in the area. For more information contact the Office of Student Activities in the SLC or by calling (570) 963-2700.

The Scranton Times is the leading newspaper in the Scranton area and is available FREE for students on campus. You can visit The Scranton Times website at www.thetimes-tribune.com.

Local Real Estate Agents can be found in the Yellow Pages or on the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce website ~ www.scrantonchamber.comClick on Business Directory and search under the term “real estate” for a complete local listing.

You can also check out the following websites:

www.apartmentstore.com  - adjacent to campus, great location




Getting to Campus

Most students get to campus by driving their own cars or getting rides from friends and family.  For individuals who do not have these resources available, there is a local bus line that stops within the campus vicinity.  For detailed information about the bus line and route, contact Colts Bus Lines at (570) 346-2061 or by going to www.coltsbus.com.


Parking on Campus

Parking is available to all students FREE of charge. In order to receive a parking pass, students will need to visit either the Business Office or Security Office with registration and insurance information. Students are encouraged to arrive for classes 15 to 30 minutes before classes begin to ensure a convenient parking spot.


Off Campus Housing Info

Office of Student Activities, SLC 120

(570) 963-2700


Parking Info

Security Office, SLC Building

(570) 963-2555


Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce

(570) 342-7711



Colts Bus Line

(570) 346-2061



Basic Renters Information:


To live in your own apartment is a rite of passage that occurs during college. Living on your own is fun, but there are responsibilities connected with being a tenant that need to be taken seriously. There are many vacancies in the apartments and houses in Scranton and the surrounding areas, and it is very difficult to “break” a lease once it is signed or to find someone to sublease.


APPLICATIONS Some rental application forms are legally  binding and if you are accepted, you could be required to sign a lease. Know what you are applying for by asking to see a copy of the lease before signing your application.


READ YOUR LEASE  Respect the lease for the legal contract that it is and to which you are obligated once you sign.


MENTION any special conditions, such as medical considerations (i.e. allergies) at the time of the application.


HAVE A WRITTEN AGREEMENT with your roommates.  Regardless of how close your friendship with a potential roommate may or may not be, it’s always a good idea to put contracts in writing. 


NEVER HAVE ORAL AGREEMENTS with the landlord.  Always require that any additional agreements be written and signed on the lease no matter how minor an item.  If it is part of your agreement, the landlord should be willing to write it down.


ALWAYS give your landlord a written notice of any problems, this includes repairs, safety issues or changes in your rental status.



Come & See Us For ALL Your Housing

Questions & Concerns

Our Door Is ALWAYS Open!


 Student Activities Office

Penn State

Worthington Scranton

120 Ridge View Drive

Dunmore, PA 18512


Phone:  (570) 963-2700

Fax:  (570) 963-2683




The Pennsylvania State University makes no representation whatsoever regarding the housing or the landlords listed through the Student Activities Office at Penn State Worthington Scranton The properties listed are done so at the request of the landlords to assist students in locating possible off-campus housing opportunities.  Students are responsible to inspect the property and negotiate lease terms with any landlord.  The Pennsylvania State University has not inspected or investigated these listings or landlords in any way and is not endorsing any specific properties or landlords for students by this listing.  The Pennsylvania State University disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, treatment by any landlord, or compliance with any applicable local zoning ordinances.